28-29 Mai 2015
St-Martin du Fouilloux (49)
Aux portes d'Angers

School Challenge

ecole2_sdLes Terrenales 2015 values the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience. For this reason, teachers and students are invited to join this major forward-looking agricultural event and participate in the Terrenales Challenge 2015.

The challenge is open to all agricultural schools. Participating classes will develop an innovative project that is linked to Ecologically-Intensive Farming and Les Terrenales’s four main areas of innovation (energy, machines, robots; ecosystem functionality; digital and sensors; knowledge of the living world).

The goal is to enable future generations to learn and share ideas about Ecologically-Intensive Farming, by deploying their knowledge and encouraging the development of innovative projects, as well as sharing their results with as many professionals as possible from the agricultural world.