28-29 Mai 2015
St-Martin du Fouilloux (49)
Aux portes d'Angers

Co-create for the future


The future of innovation lies in engaging farmers as stakeholders to create value together. Co-creation is a core component of the Terrenales. It’s a place for constructive discussions and a space for dialogue with all. The 2015 event, designed with a range of agricultural partners, will highlight the necessity for change to be brought “together” through innovation and identification of the positive triggers for change wherever they may be found, via: farmers, farming professionals and engineers, biologists, researchers, veterinarians, biodiversity specialists, etc.

The younger generations are also mobilized to prepare tomorrow’s agriculture. Les Terrenales 2015 values the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience. For this reason, teachers and students are invited to join this major forward-looking agricultural event and participate in the Terrenales Challenge 2015.