28-29 Mai 2015
St-Martin du Fouilloux (49)
Aux portes d'Angers

Thomas shares his experience on using satellite images to provide insight into managing his crops.

Les Terrenales 2015 values the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience. For this reason, teachers and students are invited to join this major forw [...]

La vie des ateliers : SpecMeat, un outil innovant qui permet de déterminer par spectrophotométrie (infra-rouge) la composition en acides gras des viandes [...]

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Ecosystem functionality

Although agricultural production is currently based on the use of external substances, it is now necessary to integrate the contribution of the ecosystem. Supporting life in the ground allows the minerals to be more available to plants. Promoting the natural behaviour of animals allows the optimisation of the nutrition and guarantees the quality of the meat. There is a new technical argument that is emerging based on the balance between the use of nutrient inputs and stimulation of natural functionality.


Preview : A new breeding model to encourage the animals’ natural behaviour and productivity, the use of probiotics to fight disease, new sources of protein with high added value (algae, insects, etc.), species association, DST to optimise the biological activity of soil, etc.

Knowledge of the living world

An precise knowledge of the genetic potential of plants and animals and the conditions in which this potential is expressed is a powerful innovation trigger. Where the ecosystem and genetics meet, knowledge of the living world is at the heart of agricultural challenges.


Preview : marker modifying metabolic function, varieties of corn or wheat that are tolerating to drought and better adapted to conditions where nitrogen is scarce, new seed and semen preparation techniques (coating, priming…), sexed semen, use of mushrooms and bacteria to resist parasites, etc.

Digital and sensors

Digital technology and data exchange are everywhere : information flow, connection to new generation sensors. The farmer has a multitude of new tools at his disposal to improve his work on a daily basis. These innovations open a new field of practices and considerably increase the knowledge of agricultural productive ecosystems.

Preview : DST used of drones, satellites (optical or infra-red sensors) to diagnose and manage the health of crops, trapping systems for parasitic insects with counters and automatic recognition, biometrics for cattle, use of GPS for animals, managing pasture and behaviour analysis, analysis of the nutritional qualities of meat on the live animal, augmented reality glasses

Energie / Machines / Robots

Although the robot was, until recently, in the domain of science fiction, it is now present in fields and farms. Robots, CoBots… the world of farm machinery is seeing great change. Linked to ongoing improvement in production methods and energy storage, there are dozens of practical solutions that are currently, or soon will be, available to the agricultural domain to unite economy and ecology.


Preview : driverless tractors automatically guided and operating other machines, robots working with crops (weed control) and production units (distribution), new energy sources for agriculture (biomass, methanation, hydrogen batteries, etc.), drip irrigation with fertigation for arable crops, continuous cover seeding, the “smart grid”, a new concept for the energy grid…


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